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Sor Thanikul Memorial and Re-union

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Payapnoi Sor Thanikul, Samransak, Jonvo, Dam, Khaosai

On Saturday 2nd April I was pleased to be invited to attend events organized to commemorate the passing of and to pay respects to, the gym’s founder, Klaew Thanikul who died (actually on the 5th of April) in 1991. A service was held in the temple in soi 93, close to the gym.


On the evening dozens of ex boxers met for a party in the soi organized by ex champ and now local politician and community activist, Payapnoi. Several former Sor Thanikul champions such as Boonlai, SmingNoi and LomIssan attended and were delighted to be joined by some of the sports legends in the shape of old friends Kaosai Galaxy, Samransak Muangsurin and Jomvo Chernyimos.

Jog and Joy

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Runners based in Thailand should be aware of the site, a valuable source of information on all manner of running events organized throughout the kingdom.

I am interested to note an ‘Adidas King of the Road’ event scheduled for the 15th of May. As long as I am free I intend running in this 16-8km race. I have a decent ‘base layer’ of running fitness but over the next few weeks I will mix in regular speed and tempo sessions as well as some longer runs in readiness for this event. To those who haven’t participated in races such as this before you may be surprised how fast you will/can run on the day, just because of the momentum of those around you. If you have a goal beyond ‘just finishing’ you should include some speed sessions in your training routine.