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The THAIFIGHT organizers have a way with timing and location. Last year’s tournament semi-finals provided relief for a Bangkok population which either suffered directly from or was under great threat from terrible flooding. The December Final was held in the shadow of one of Bangkok’s most auspicious historical landmarks, King Chulalongkorn’s statue. And so it was to Pattaya City, arguably the country’s favourite seaside resort that THAIFIGHT’s first presentation of 2012 decamped, Pattaya as it celebrated the Thai New Year, and what a special, festive atmosphere there was to greet the arrival.
The news in the run-up to this show, dubbed ‘Made in Thailand’ had been dominated by one item. Would the organisation’s star fighter and 70kg champion from 2011, BuaKhaow, be able to fight? Several months before the event the Surin native had signed up to fight and was said to be training hard for his first match on home turf since winning the title last December. However, in the interim BuaKhaow had had a major falling out with his camp who had reportedly responded by bringing an injunction to prevent him from fighting.