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Pornsanae Sit Monchai v. Kwankhao Chor Ratchapasada Esarn

Posted on: November 4th, 2012 by Philip

I went along to Big C, Lad Prao with Scott from Boon on Saturday. Shortly after I had decided to introduce a new word to the Thai language, it is ‘pornsanae’ it will be a utility word and loosely translates into English as ‘thrilling, exciting, action packed’.
Yes I had just watched Pornsanae fight Kwankhao. Of course Pornsanae’s reputation precedes him, he had massive battles with Sarm A and, I think I am right in recalling that one of his bouts with Pakorn won ‘Fight of the Year’ a few years ago-if it didn’t, it should have! If you check his record you’ll see he’s had a few losses of late and at 31 he is in the latter stages of his career but boy! can he still thrill a crowd!!
From the bell at Round 1 Pornsanae came out throwing real heavy hand combinations, often finishing them with a hard low kick against Kwankhao’s thigh. His opponent knew well to keep his hands up so Pornsaneh looked to mix his shots up between head and body.
Kwankhao is just 17, again testament to the depth of talent there is in Thailand, he was also incredibly brave and cool for Ponsanae is a very intimidating figure to face, to do it at 17 was very impressive. Kwankhao is a natural counter fighter and always looked dangerous as he replied and came forward. I have seen many fights in Thailand where the young pretender bides his time and gradually picks the veteran off and takes the decision.
I was starting to think this fight may follow that form in Round 2 as Kwankhao found his range launching heavy kicks into Pornsaneh’s arms, the action was absolutely non stop though and went back and forth. Kwankhao caught Pornsanae with an elbow and the cut started to bleed..not a problem for Pornsanae but it buoyed Kwankhao and encouraged him to come forward all the more, but once again Pornsanae fought back, really thrilling stuff!
Kwankhao came out at the beginning of Rd 3 looking confident and dangerous, walking forward, catching Pornsanae but that just spurred the Sit Monchai fighter on and he launched into a whirlwind of controlled punches, many of which got through. Pornsanae kept mixing the punches up, wounding the body, then going to the head; for seemingly several seconds the traffic was one way, it was all Pornsanae. An incredible fight back. Kwankhao was hurt but refused to go down but he just coudn’t get a reply in, the referee saw hat he took 1 clean head shot too many and jumped in…….to stop the fight and to save him from himself. Pornsanae jumped onto the ropes as the crowd went wild. Both boys had shown real heart to stay in the match and make it a real cracker. Pornsanae has had some recent trips abroad and heads to Japan in December to fight there.Get your tickets now, you won’t be disappointed!
see the fight on YOUTUBE…………


Posted on: November 2nd, 2012 by Philip

After 2 successful Summer roadtrips to England and France THAIFIGHT returned to home shores on Tuesday(23rd October) with the first round of the 2012 tournament.

As per last year the 2012 event is divided into 2 weight categories, 67 and 70kg. 8 boys had been selected to represent their countries in each section. Singmanee Kaewsamrit and Buakhaow Benchamek are the respective Thai representatives.