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Posted on: December 22nd, 2012 by Philip

I must admit that I can recall a time in early 2012 when I found myself wondering whether to carry on…… I was getting plenty of auditions, hauling myself across Bangkok to do them, getting approving nods, the word from the agent that I had been shortlisted, often a second, and in a couple of cases third round auditions…..and then nothing…..was I wasting my time?Well I’m delighted to say that I decided to keep the faith….and keep trying….and it paid dividends; 2012 has been my most successful year in ages.
I worked for 10 days on the Korean/International film Cooktales, directed by Gina Kim and starring Michelle Yeo and Henry Lau. I played the part of the Director, I had plenty of script to learn and shared many scenes with the main actors so I am hopeful that some of my work will survive the editor’s scissors.
I have also played a variety of roles, from orange farm owner to boxing MC in around a dozen adverts for products such as Hyundai, Samsonite, Samsung and Coca Cola to name but a few.
This year’s experiences backs my belief….the hope that comes with opportunity and every subsequent phone call, the delight of finding you have been chosen and the challenge of doing the best job you can once the cameras roll.
I am now in England for Christmas but am pleased that my efforts have already secured one job for the New Year, so ….’keep on trying’….’don’t give up.’

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